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Indulge in a culinary journey that captures the vibrant anddiverse flavors of India with our Street Food Menu. Embarkon a delectable adventure through the bustling streets ofthis culturally rich country, where every bite tells a storyand every dish is a masterpiece. From the savory chaat stallsof Delhi to the fragrant spice markets of Mumbai, our menubrings together an array of iconic street food delights thatare sure to tantalize your taste buds and transport you tothe heart of India’s culinary tapestry. Join us as wecelebrate the authenticity, creativity, and sheer joy thatIndian street food brings to every bite. Welcome to a menuthat’s a true celebration of flavors, where every dish is atestament to the art of street-side gastronomy.

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  • I love the food.its yummy especially chilly chicken and dosas.i went with my family.service was good.waiter was very friendly and helpful.
    Priya Sharma
  • I had visited this place with a few colleagues from work. The food is great, pesonalised service and good ambience. They surely deserve 5 stars.
    Karan Kapoor
  • I had such a wonderful time! It was amazing to go to a resturant with such good food that was 90% gluten free. Having Celiac disease it’s very…
    Manisha Verma